Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Autumn Essentials

Autumn Essentials

Sorry for the lack of blog posts at the moment, I have just started my new job working full time and it's so hard finding some time to sit down and actually write a blog post for my blog for you all to read. So I thought to get me back into my blogging ways and I would do a quick post based on my favorite autumn essentials. So here they are:

1. Winter Pyjamas - One of the things that I love most about this time of year is winter pyjamas especially if they are a bit on the Christmassy side. It's not even winter yet and I seem to have already brought four pairs of winter pyjamas already! This year I especially love buying my pyjamas from Next they have so many nice ones to pick from.

2. Glee Season 5 - I have loved Glee ever since it started and this series so far is living up to my expectations however it's so odd watching it without one of the main stars Cory Monteith.

3. Yankee Candle Black Cherry - This Yankee Candle is perfect for this time of year and is one of my favourite scents to burn in my bedroom.

4. Hot Chocolate - Now the nights are getting colder there is nothing that I love more than having a cup of hot chocolate before bed. At the moment I love the flavour of the Cadburys Fudge flavour!

What are your favorite Autumn essentials?