Saturday, 7 February 2015

Pets at Home Pets Parcel for Cats Review

Pet Parcel
So nearly everyone has heard of subscription boxes for humans, where you get sent around five random items to try out each month from different brands but what about buying one just for your pets. Well at Pet at Home they have introduced the idea of a Pets Parcel, that you can buy either your cat, dog or rabbit a box of random surprises.  The cat and rabbit parcels only costs £10 each and the dog parcels start from £15 and all of them can contain at least 5 surprise gifts for your pet. On the Pets at home website it says that in the parcels have specially selected products that range from tasty treats, entertaining toys, hygiene products and more.

Not only are these Pet Parcels are a great way to spoil your pet with once in a while but Pets at Home have made these a fantastic buy. Claiming on their website that "you will save at least 40% when compared with buying the same products separately at standard retail price that means your parcel is worth at least £16.50".

So here is what I found my Pets Parcel for Rosie:

Cat Pet Parcel

Cat Pet Parcel

Spot Lap Mat £5.00
Willow Knitted Bird £3.50
Willow Trio Felt Balls £5.00
Sisal Mouse £1.00
Vet Kitchen Little Hearts Crunchy Chicken and duck £1.39
Healthy Bites (around £1.50 not online)

Overall by buying the Pets Parcel, I saved around £7.39 if I brought all the items together and I have to say the box did contain some really nice products that I wouldn't have even thought of buying for Rosie. Her favourite item in the box has to be the Spot Lap Mat because its feels so warm and soft to sleep on. Pets at Home do change the products in the Pet Parcels now and again so I would properly buy Rosie another one in the future.

Spot Lap Mat


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lush Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb Review

This was kindly given to me by Zoe as one on my leaving gifts from my past job and it's not a Lush product that I have ever come across before or something that I would have ever picked up for myself. The bath bomb to me smells mainly of roses and once dropped into the bath the rose buds start to appear in the water. As soon as the product starts to dissolves, the smell of roses is amazing and the scent fills the bathroom.
Lush Tisty Tosty
The only downside I found with the bath bomb was it wasn't very spectacular because soon its dropped into the bath the white around the roses just fizzed away and you were left with the rose buds. It also keeps your bath water the same colour which could be classed as a good thing if you don't want your bath full of glitter like some of Lush products do.

I have to say the this product made me feel so relaxed and If you didn't want to use the whole bath bomb in your bath this one would be perfect to half so you could get two baths out of it instead of one.

Would I buy it again? No. To be honest the bath bomb smelled amazing however for the price of £3.35 it is a bit on the expensive for what it is and does. I also found that the rose buds freaked me out a bit floating around in the water with my because they remind me of the times moths fly into your bath water in the summer and you not noticed. But on the other had it's a nice bath bomb if you just wanted to treat yourself and is a product that isn't going to make a lot of mess in your bath that will need cleaning up afterwards.