Monday, 29 December 2014

Lush Boxing Day Sale Mini Haul

Every year, I seem to miss out on the Lush sale normally because everything is sold out by the time I remember about it. But lucky enough this year when I popped into my local store a day after Boxing Day and they still had a few things left! I managed to pick up three products that I wanted to try for a while, which were Candy Mountain, Butter Bear and Melting Snowman.

The reason why I picked up the Butter Bear is because it is based on the Butterball bath bomb that I also haven't tried so being in the sale it was the perfect chance to try it. The Butter Bear has cocoa butter in so it helps skin stay soft and hydrated in the winter months.
Butter Bear
My favourite products that Lush sells are their bubble bars because I feel you get more value for your money when using them because you can get more than one bath out of them. So that was the main reason for picking but Candy Mountain and it smells amazing.
Candy Mountain
The last one I decided to pick up is the Melting Snowman bath melt, mainly because he looks so cute and I couldn't resist not picking him up. I think this is the one that I am most looking forward to using!
Melting Snowman

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Yankee Candle Candy Cane Lane Review

Every year, Yankee Candle release their Christmas edition scented candles into the UK shops and until now I wasn't that fussed about wanting to purchases any of them. So, on the off chance I thought I would take a look in Clinton Cards (who are my local stockist for the candles) to get a chance to be able to smell the candles before they are no longer available. To be honest none of Yankee Christmas candles seemed to smell off anything special that I hadn't smelt before. Until I picked up the scent Candy Cane Lane and the smell just hooked me in.   

The smell reminds me a lot of my favourite ice cream, Mint choc chip! The candle just smells off peppermint but not a smell that is sickly at all. Yankee Candle describes the scent as being made with "tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing". The only negative I found while burning the candle is, that compared to most of the Yankee Candles that I have burned the smell of this scent is really weak. Because you can only smell the candle while you're in the room unlike some that you can smell throughout the house.

Overall, I am so in love with the smell of this candle and just in case Yankee Candle don't  bring this scent back out next Christmas I have just brought myself a larger version of the candle in the sale as backup for next year. If you love sweet smells then this candle is definitely for you! 


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Handbag Reveal: Longchamp Le Pliage Tote

I been looking everywhere for a new tote style handbag to take to work with me to carry all my essentials with me every day. I wanted a handbag that wasn't too big and bulky to carry with me on the bus but just something that looked simple and could be easily wiped cleaned when leaving it on the floor all day. Also I wanted a handbag that was waterproof so when I walk into work I don't have to worry about everything inside my handbag getting wet.
So for a while I watched a number of handbag videos on YouTube (mainly handbag collections videos that are my favourite to watch) and one handbag brand kept popping up and it was the brand Longchamp.
After doing my research I decided to go for the Le Pliage in medium however for some reason in the UK Longchamp have renamed it as the Le Pliage small. This confused me for a while until I checked the measurements which were the same (H25cm x W25cm x D14cm).  I have noticed by watching these videos that Longchamp have now changed the inside lining for some reason because the inside of this handbag is black whereas before they were white. This is a lot better because you won't see the dirt inside.
I can now see why so many handbag lovers have more than one Longchamp in their collections because they are really useful handbags to have and they come in so many colours and different styles and sizes. The reason why I picked my Longchamp in the navy colour is mainly because I don't own a navy handbag however I am very tempted getting this handbag in the violet colour as well!