Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mini Baking/ Bakeware Haul

I paced a little order on Amazon last week for some new baking tools and a new cooking book and I thought I would share it with you all and this is what I brought:
1. Joseph Joseph Nest Cupsin Multi-Colour - I mainly brought these so it would make it easier for me to make the recipes from my new cooking book. I love the bright colours they come in and how each one is labelled with the measurement on. I also thing these will come in very handy instead of using measuring scales all the time; I can just use these cups instead.

2. Kitchen CraftColourworks Measuring Spoon Set of 5 - I didn't really need these but my old ones really did need replacing. I love how these match the measuring cups and will come in really handy. 

3. PrestigeCook Spatula Set - I love silicone spatulas, I think they are better than wooden spoons. Since I only own one of these, I thought I would order some more so when baking a number of different things; I don't have to keep washing them up.

4. Cookie: 100 Essential Recipes by Jo Wilso - this book is fairly new out in the UK however the only downside to it is, that the book is American so all the measurement are American so hence why I needed to buy some measuring cups to weigh the ingredients out. However there are so many recipes I want to try out from the book so keep your eyes on my up and coming posts to see them (you can also follow me on bloglovin).



Monday, 28 April 2014

Torvill & Deans Dancing on Ice Tour 2014

Last night (Sunday) me, my mum, my sister and sister's boyfriend got invited to attend Torvill & Deans Dancing on Ice show in Leeds due to my Mums sister having some spare tickets. I have to say it wouldn't have been something that I would of gone to but since the tickets were free it was hard to say no and the best bit the ticket were VIP tickets. So we shared a box right above the main audience with 16 other close family friends and had our own personal staff member to look after us. I can't believe the service you get having a VIP suite out of the way of everyone else and a VIP entrance and personal lift. It was kind of an eye opener to me because never in a million years I could afford to buy a VIP ticket.
Torvill and Dean with the judging panel
The first part of the show was just like the TV programme Dancing on Ice, where the famous contests such as Suzanne Shaw, Beth Tweddle, Gareth Gates, Ray Quinn, Hayley Tamaddon and Joe Pasquale competed against each other with their expert skater partners. Once they had performed their routines, the judges would then give their scores and opinions. After everyone had performed you had to text the name of the celebrity you wanted to win in the break and all the money from the texts went to charity.

I have to say the second half of the show was my favourite, it started off with the winner being announced from all the votes in the break and after that it was full of skating where the expert skaters did their stuff. I have to say I loved the modern type of music they skated to such as Fall Out Boy and Evanescence. The overall star of the show for me had to go to Joe Pasquale, he was so funny and the making of the show for me. Overall I am very glad I went and if they did another show I would definitely go again. Due to being so high up, it was hard to take a lot of photos so I will insert the best ones that I have taken.
All the celebrities with their partners 
The vote results


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Handbag Inspiration

Handbag Inspiration

Here are some of the handbags on my mind at the moment, I have to say that my favourite has to be the jet set rabbit pouch from Marc Jacobs it is so cute with the red limning inside. For handbags at the moment I love cross body style bags and the range of bright colours they come in.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

April Favourites

Untitled #3

Here are some of the things that I have been loving in the month of April, the first one on the top of my list is the Disney film Frozen, I been waiting for months for this to be released on DVD because I never got chance to see in the cinema. Now after watching twice in a week I have to say it was decently worth the wait. I won't spoil the film for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but the graphics and music of the film are amazing. I also love the unexpected twist at the end what I didn't even see coming. I have to say my favourite song of the film has to be "Let it go" sung by Idina Menzel and for me this film is up there with my favourites such as Beauty and the Beast and the Tangled.

For music this month, I have been loving the new album from Glee star Lea Michele and her debut album Louder. Being a lover of Glee I find myself downloading all her tracks she has ever done on Glee so I knew her album was a must buy for me. I just how her voice sounds and the emotional side it has to it. My favourite tracks from her album have to be Cannonball, Burn with you, Louder and On my way.

For my favourite fashion piece of the month has to be my good old navy converse, I love throwing on these shoes and they just go with everything that I wear and are very comfortable to drive in.

One of my favourite piece of bakeware this month has to be the Wilton 1M icing nozzle, I been really getting into decorating my cupcakes this month and this has done the job perfectly. I love the way that it can turn your simple cupcakes into professionally looking cupcake you see on baking book covers. This nozzle is widely used to create a rose swirl on your cupcakes, however I used it to create a swirl then placing mini eggs in the middle to create a nest effect (see my Easter eggcupcakes).

The last favourite on my list is a perfume from Cacharel called Amor Amor, I love the scent of this perfume at the moment it has a very unique rose smell to it with like a fruity citrus edge to it.  


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Time to Meet Rosie

Time to meet someone fairly new who has come into my life; it's time to meet Rosie. Rosie came into my life around the end of March when we adopted her from the Cat protection charity where her old owners didn't want her anymore. After losing my beloved dog last year as a family we decided we didn't really want another dog to replace her however ever since there has been a really big hole in our lives since she went. So we decided due to not having enough time to walk a dog at the moment we have decided to get a cat and we ended up with Rosie. She is a tabby and white mix and is around 4 years old due to being adopted she doesn't have a birth date so her birthday is the day we adopted her.

The staff told us she was a quiet sleepy cat and different really do much but sleep however how wrong could they have been. She is full of life and loves being center of an attention, she also loves sitting on your knee and falling asleep so you can't move for hours. She loves playing in her cardboard box, chasing her balls, food and playing with her toy mice. Like everyone she has a dark side, the side where she wants to bite you and will attack your legs as you step over her. However, to say that cats are very independent every time she does outside she will come back every ten minutes to see where you are and that you not left her then go back outside again.
Adoption Process
Surprising the cat adoption processes is a really easy one, first you go along to the center and the staff will ask you a few questions about your lifestyle and your home and then they will match certain cats that will suit living with you. You then get to meet them and after that you will get a home visit from one of the staff members, then they will give you the green light to pick your cat up. When you go to pick your cat up they tell you to bring a cat carrier to take your cat home in and they ask you to pay a fee for the care they have given the cat.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Recipe: Rocky Road Crunch Bars - Nigella

Recipe: Rocky Road Crunch Bars: 

I thought I would try to create something new so I decided to try out some Rocky Roads bars. There are so many good recipes out there and combinations that can be done to make then, in the end I settled on Rocky Road Crunch bars recipe created by Nigella.
I have to say this is one of the quickest recipes I have ever done, all you have to do is melt the butter, golden syrup and chocolate in a pan all together. Once done, pour most of the chocolate mixture onto the broken up biscuits and marshmallows mix together and place in a tray. Then pour the rest of the chocolate mixture over the top and place into the fridge over night. This recipe is so simple to do and there is no need for an oven and it went down really well with my family. I will definitely make Rocky Roads again but will probably experiment with the ingredients I put in them next time.
Rocky Road Bars after being in the fridge all night

Cut up into bars
Ready to eat
For full ingredients and instructions please follow this link


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lace and Crochet Panel Trend

Mini Lace T-Shirt Haul
I am really in love with the lace and crochet panel trend in t-shirts at the moment and I really did need some new tops for spring so it gave me a great excuse to buy some. I have noticed that in every clothes store either in store or on online whether it's a top, skirt or shoes you can find this trend incorporated into these items. I also love the colours that the lace comes in and it's not just your typically white lace on tops but it you can find them in blues and pinks to.
Left: I love this top from New Look, I went for a size up so I can wear a top underneath because it is so see-through but I do love the daisy lace print.
Cream Daisy Broderie Button Back Shell Top (Link)
Top place under top Cream Sleeveless Curve Hem Shell Top (Link)

Middle: I am a sucker for any top with stripes on and this is no different, I love the lace detailing with the blue and white stripes across it where I brought it from Dorothy Perkins.
Petite Lace Stripe T-Shirt (Link)

Right: This top also came from Dorothy Perkins and also comes in blue to. I love this top because it not see-through at all and you can wear in on its own without anything under it. 
Tall White Lace Front Shell Top (Link)

My other Lace and Crochet Panel favorites:

Lace and Crochet Panel Trend

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spring Wish List: 2014

Spring 2014 Wish ListWish List

Shoe Wish List:
I seem to buy a pair of Converse every two months mainly because I am just so in love with the brand and the range of colours they come in. Since summer is on its way I really want another pair just to brighten up my outfits with. I narrowed it down on my wish list to either getting them in the colour lilac or in a pale baby blue colour.

Handbag Wish List:
The next items on my wish list for spring is a new handbag however I know that the Balenciaga Classic Mini City and the Mulberry Effie satchel are a bit out of my price range at the moment but they are two handbags I am really wishing and saving for. Another handbag that I really want to add into my handbag collection is a Cambridge Satchel  in a really neutral colour, because I just love how these bags look. The last handbag on my wish is the Nica Alicia satchel, I really love this brand at the moment and I have had my eye on the Nica Alicia satchel since Christmas however for the spring they have brought it out in new colours for the new season such as in peach, green and blue. I really love the detailing on front and the way it looks just like a classic vintage bag. 

Purse Wish List:
I really love Kate Spade wallets at the moment and the pastel colours they come in which make them perfect for spring, it's just a shame that her brand is not widely available across the UK like in the US. 

The only piece of jewellery I have added onto my wish list for spring is an Olivia Burton gold tone watch, like Kate Spade she is a fresh new designer who has produce simple but elegant pieces that everyone wants to own.
The last item on my wish list is a perfume, called Hugo Boss Jour, this perfume reminds me of Calvin Kelvin CK in2U which is one of my favourite perfumes for summer and this has the same kind of scent to it but more stronger. 


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring Candle Collection / Haul

After using all my winter candle collection up, I thought it would be nice to get some more candles back into my life for spring.
Sainsbury's TU Passion Flower and Mango candle - in the TU home range there is a range of scents these candles come in. You can decently smell the mango scent in the candle and it not a scent that is to strong or overpowering it reminds me of washing powder. I love that these candles come in a glass container to burn in and they are not too pricey compare to the Yankee Candle brand, usually they are £4 but I picked this one put on offer for £2.66 (not bad for 35 hours burning time). After burning it for a while the smell of candle seems to disappear and it doesn't really smell so I properly wouldn't buy one again for that reason. However it does look very pretty burning in its frosty glass container and would make a simple gift.
TU Passion Flower and Mango
Yankee Candle Black Cherry - This is the candle that I find myself going back to over and over again, it is my favourite scented candle out of the whole Yankee Candle collection and nothing comes close to it, every time I place an online order I just have to get it. It smells just like cherries and as soon as you light it the whole room smells of it. I find that some Yankee candles are to strong and smell sickly but this is perfect. If you never tried a Yankee Candle I would go for this one along with the scent of fresh cotton to get started. 
Yankee Candle Black Cherry
Yankee Candle Samplers:

Sweet Apple and Orange Splash Samplers - this scent has been create along with orange splash new for spring 2014. They are perfect for spring because they smell just like fresh fruit, Orange Splash smells like the mango scent The Body Shop sells. I feel out of all the samplers I think I would like to buy the orange splash in a large candle jar.
Yankee Candle Sweet Apple and Orange Splash Samplers 
Fireside Treats Sampler - I had my eye on this one just before Christmas and never got around to trying it so I thought while placing an order I would add it into my basket. It smells just like marshmallow and fireside mixed together.

Summer Scoop Sampler - this scent came out last year in the 2013 collection and I really wanted to try it. It smells just like strawberry ice cream but not in a sickly way. 
Yankee Candle Fireside Treats and Summer Scoop Samplers 


Monday, 7 April 2014

Recipe: Easter Egg Cupcakes

Easter Egg Cupcakes

With Easter not long away, I have decide I would make some Easter Cupcakes to cake me in the mood and this is how I did it:
8oz Margarine
8oz Caster Sugar
8oz Self-Raising Flour
4 Eggs
2 and a half Tablespoons of cocoa powder (I used Cadbury Bourneville)

To decorate the cupcakes:
5oz Margarine
10oz Icing Sugar
1M Wilton Piping Nozzle
Disposable Piping Bag
Mini Eggs

How to make:
1. Preheat your oven to 180 C (gas mark 4) and line to bun trays with bun cases (makes around 24 buns) 
2. Using an electric hand mixer mix together margarine, caster sugar, flour and eggs and cocoa powder
3. Spoon the mixture into the bun cases and place into the oven for 20 minutes
4. Remove from the oven and leave to cool
5. Mix the Icing Sugar and Margarine together to form the butter cream
6. Place the butter cream into the piping bag (I just used a disposable one) and pipe the icing starting inwards and work outwards until the cupcake is covered and to finish place mini eggs in the middle

Other ways to make butter cream can be found on the BBC food website here
For icing help 1M Wilton Piping Nozzle watch this video here