Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Time to Meet Rosie

Time to meet someone fairly new who has come into my life; it's time to meet Rosie. Rosie came into my life around the end of March when we adopted her from the Cat protection charity where her old owners didn't want her anymore. After losing my beloved dog last year as a family we decided we didn't really want another dog to replace her however ever since there has been a really big hole in our lives since she went. So we decided due to not having enough time to walk a dog at the moment we have decided to get a cat and we ended up with Rosie. She is a tabby and white mix and is around 4 years old due to being adopted she doesn't have a birth date so her birthday is the day we adopted her.

The staff told us she was a quiet sleepy cat and different really do much but sleep however how wrong could they have been. She is full of life and loves being center of an attention, she also loves sitting on your knee and falling asleep so you can't move for hours. She loves playing in her cardboard box, chasing her balls, food and playing with her toy mice. Like everyone she has a dark side, the side where she wants to bite you and will attack your legs as you step over her. However, to say that cats are very independent every time she does outside she will come back every ten minutes to see where you are and that you not left her then go back outside again.
Adoption Process
Surprising the cat adoption processes is a really easy one, first you go along to the center and the staff will ask you a few questions about your lifestyle and your home and then they will match certain cats that will suit living with you. You then get to meet them and after that you will get a home visit from one of the staff members, then they will give you the green light to pick your cat up. When you go to pick your cat up they tell you to bring a cat carrier to take your cat home in and they ask you to pay a fee for the care they have given the cat.


  1. What a lovely cat :) it's so fulfilling adopting an animal and giving it all the love you can!

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. aww thank you, she is spoilt rotten x

  2. Rosie is so cute. :)