Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lace and Crochet Panel Trend

Mini Lace T-Shirt Haul
I am really in love with the lace and crochet panel trend in t-shirts at the moment and I really did need some new tops for spring so it gave me a great excuse to buy some. I have noticed that in every clothes store either in store or on online whether it's a top, skirt or shoes you can find this trend incorporated into these items. I also love the colours that the lace comes in and it's not just your typically white lace on tops but it you can find them in blues and pinks to.
Left: I love this top from New Look, I went for a size up so I can wear a top underneath because it is so see-through but I do love the daisy lace print.
Cream Daisy Broderie Button Back Shell Top (Link)
Top place under top Cream Sleeveless Curve Hem Shell Top (Link)

Middle: I am a sucker for any top with stripes on and this is no different, I love the lace detailing with the blue and white stripes across it where I brought it from Dorothy Perkins.
Petite Lace Stripe T-Shirt (Link)

Right: This top also came from Dorothy Perkins and also comes in blue to. I love this top because it not see-through at all and you can wear in on its own without anything under it. 
Tall White Lace Front Shell Top (Link)

My other Lace and Crochet Panel favorites:

Lace and Crochet Panel Trend

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