Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Handbag Care Tips: How to remove dye transfer and pen ink from your favourite handbag!

I find it so annoying when you realise that you have managed to get ink transfer from your jeans onto your favourite handbag. Where the ink has transferred by rubbing against your jeans and has then rubbed off onto the back and sometimes sides of your handbag. It mostly happens to me on my lighter colour handbags but still, it is really annoying when it happens. Another thing that also happens to me is when I get pen ink on my handbag however half of the time, I am never really sure how that pen ink has got there. So here are my two tips on removing the ink transfer from your favourite handbag to make it look like it did before. 

Tip 1: Removing dye transfer from your clothing of your handbag
Dye transfer on back of handbag :(
Take some kitchen roll and hairspray 
Spray hairspray onto kitchen roll and rub onto bag
Dye transfer gone :)

Tip 2: Removing pen mark from your handbag

Pen mark on handbag :(
Spray some hairspray onto a piece of kitchen roll and rub onto pen mark

Pen mark now gone :)

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