Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring Candle Collection / Haul

After using all my winter candle collection up, I thought it would be nice to get some more candles back into my life for spring.
Sainsbury's TU Passion Flower and Mango candle - in the TU home range there is a range of scents these candles come in. You can decently smell the mango scent in the candle and it not a scent that is to strong or overpowering it reminds me of washing powder. I love that these candles come in a glass container to burn in and they are not too pricey compare to the Yankee Candle brand, usually they are £4 but I picked this one put on offer for £2.66 (not bad for 35 hours burning time). After burning it for a while the smell of candle seems to disappear and it doesn't really smell so I properly wouldn't buy one again for that reason. However it does look very pretty burning in its frosty glass container and would make a simple gift.
TU Passion Flower and Mango
Yankee Candle Black Cherry - This is the candle that I find myself going back to over and over again, it is my favourite scented candle out of the whole Yankee Candle collection and nothing comes close to it, every time I place an online order I just have to get it. It smells just like cherries and as soon as you light it the whole room smells of it. I find that some Yankee candles are to strong and smell sickly but this is perfect. If you never tried a Yankee Candle I would go for this one along with the scent of fresh cotton to get started. 
Yankee Candle Black Cherry
Yankee Candle Samplers:

Sweet Apple and Orange Splash Samplers - this scent has been create along with orange splash new for spring 2014. They are perfect for spring because they smell just like fresh fruit, Orange Splash smells like the mango scent The Body Shop sells. I feel out of all the samplers I think I would like to buy the orange splash in a large candle jar.
Yankee Candle Sweet Apple and Orange Splash Samplers 
Fireside Treats Sampler - I had my eye on this one just before Christmas and never got around to trying it so I thought while placing an order I would add it into my basket. It smells just like marshmallow and fireside mixed together.

Summer Scoop Sampler - this scent came out last year in the 2013 collection and I really wanted to try it. It smells just like strawberry ice cream but not in a sickly way. 
Yankee Candle Fireside Treats and Summer Scoop Samplers 


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