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Recipe: Cake Pops using a silicone mould

Recipe: How to make Cake Pops using a silicone mould

A few weeks ago, I had never heard of a Cake Pop and didn't really understand what the hype was really all about. However after doing my research, I came to learn that they were circle balls of cake on a stick that are then coated in icing and then can be decorated in any way that you want. So I decided I wanted to give them a go so I ordered all my equipment from Amazon and decided to give them a try and this is how I made them.

4oz Margarine
4oz Caster Sugar
4oz Self-Raising Flour
3 Eggs
Other Items you may need:
Cake pop silicone mould (made by Kitchen Craft)
Cake pop stand
Lolly sticks
Cellophane Bags for Cake Pops
Icing (candy melts)
Sprinkles, Sugar flowers (to decorate the Cake Pops with)

How to make:
1. Preheat your oven to 180 C (gas mark 4) and grease inside both cake pop moulds and dust out with flour
2. Using an electric hand mixer mix together margarine, caster sugar, flour and eggs until it forms a batter
3. Fill one side of the mould (the side without the holes in)
4. Place the other half on top and place into the oven. I found it easier moving the moulds around by placing it on a baking tray
5. Cook for 20 minutes, remove from oven and take the top mould off, leave to cool for 30 minutes
6. Dip the lolly sticks into the icing and place half way into the cake balls
7. Once complete place into the fridge for 2 hours or freeze for 15 minutes
8. Take out of fridge or freezer and your ready to dip into the icing to decorate. I used candy melts to make the icing and decorated with sprinkles and sugar flowers. 

Chocolate Cake Pops: To make chocolate Cake Pops add a spoon of chocolate powder to the mixture at step 2. 

Overall view: I have now made Cake pops twice and both times they have turned out alright, I have to say that I am really impressed with the mould and probably in the future I would buy another mould so I can make more at the same time. The only issues I came across when icing them was getting the icing so that it was not to thick that it pulled the cake ball of the stick and that the icing was not to runny that the icing was too runny and wouldn't stick cake ball. Another idea that I have had, is instead of using sticks you can always use mini cake bun cases and place the balls in there.


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