Saturday, 6 September 2014

London Trip Day 2: Museums, Kesington Palace & Oxford Street

Here is my second blog post for what I got up to in London:

After we had breakfast at the Bedford Hotel we headed off to the Museums in London, all of the main Museums are quite near each other. The first stop was the National History Museum which was amazing, there are so many things to see and do. My favourite thing about the museum was learning about all the animals and creatures on the planet they even had a dinosaur exhibition. Also you get to learn about how the earth was created and developed to what we know today.  

Next we visited V&A museum however to be honest we felt it was a little bit of a letdown we did the fashion exhibition which was really interesting but the rest of the museum was a bit of a letdown.

We then went of to dinner and next visited the Science Museum which as really interesting I have to say the Museum has 3 floors but the second and third floor was a waste of time. So if you plan to visit the Museum stick on the first floor because that is where all the best stuff is.

Replica of Apollo 10
We then took a long walk to Kesington Palace and had a walk along all the gardens.

For the rest of the afternoon we walked along the whole of Oxford Street and did a bit of shopping and then went back to the hotel. I have to say my poor feet were killing me. 

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Stay tuned for day three

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  1. I went to te natural history museum last week and it was so fun!