Saturday, 16 August 2014

Handbag Review: The differences between the Marc Jacobs Percy and the Flap Percy

I have been thinking it would be very useful to do a blog post to compare my two Marc Jacobs Percy handbags together, to see if there are any differences between the two handbags.

First Difference: Closure - Well looking at both handbags the flap Percy has a flap with a popper closure and the Percy just has a zip closure. Even though the both close differently they both have actually have the same amount of room inside.
Second Difference: The Inside Lining - My purple Percy has the old Marc Jacobs lining which is what I love most about the Marc Jacobs handbags. However on their newer handbags like my Flap Percy they have now changed the looked of their inside linings to the same colour lining as the handbag itself with their logo printed on it.
Third Difference: Inside the handbags - The flap Percy has a back inside zip pocket that I love having inside my handbags to keep things safe whereas the Percy just has a pouch bit inside the front of the handbag to place your phone or keys in.

Forth Difference: The Straps - What I love most around the Percy is that you have the option on removing the strap so it can be used as a cross body handbag or a handheld clutch. However on the flap Percy you can't remove the strap but both handbags have the same strap length that can be adjustable to suit you.

I love both of these handbags and I think these handbags are perfect for everyday use if you don't want to take a lot with you when you go out. Hope this has helped someone who is looking into buying either of the bags



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