Friday, 1 August 2014

Updated Review: Collonil vs. Ink Transfer on Leather Handbags

I have already done a review of this product (here) a while ago however I wanted to do a quick update on it. Recently I started using my leather Marc Jacobs handbag and even before I used my new handbag I used this product to waterproof it from the wet weather here in the UK and like I said in my last post I was hoping it would stop ink transfer from happening to.
I been using my handbag on and off for a few weeks and I have noticed that ink transfer has started to happen on my leather Marc Jacobs handbag even though I pre-treated it with this product. So I took my Collonil Leather Gel and cloth, applied a little over the ink transfer and it came straight off.
Ink transfer from my jeans onto my bag handle
Applied the leather gel onto the cloth which removed the ink transfer of the leather
Like new 
So overall it you are looking for a product that get rids of ink transfer from your jeans on your leather handbag I would recommend this product to help remove the stains from it.


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