Monday, 24 March 2014

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Small Black Cross Body Bag Review

After selling my two of my Rebecca Minkoff Morning after Clutch (Mini Macs) handbags, I decided I wanted a handbag that was simple in style and that would go with most items that I wear. So I decided to go the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Small cross body bag in black with gold hardware.

After doing my research, I found this handbag on the House of Frasers website and it seemed the only place in the UK that seem to stock the bag because everywhere else was sold out. It does come in three colours at the moment blue, red and black, I really hope they bring it in out in their class brown colour with silver hardware. It took a few days to arrive however; I was a little disappointed that it didn't come with a dust bag to keep it in. I did contact the company and they told me this was how Michael Kors has sent it to them.

Unlike the Rebecca Minkoff Morning after clutch bags, the main strap is adjustable and only a small part of the bag strap where it meets the body of the bag contains chain. Whereas the main thing that annoyed me the most about the Rebecca Minkoff bags was that the strap was mainly made out of chain, which when using the bag made it very noisy every time you put the bag and I think it was just because chain straps don't really suit my lifestyle. Other than that, I think her handbags are perfect for people looking for a designer handbag that is not too expensive and they do come in a wide range of colours. Looking at the both bags I feel that they both have the same amount of space inside them however the Michael Kors bag is a lot more bigger in size.

Other Features of the bag:

  • Gold hardware
  • Logo on front of bag, zip and strap adjuster
  • Adjustable strap
  • One phone and other side pocked inside at the front of the bag
  • Large back slip pocket inside the back of the bag
  • 24cm Long, 16cm high
  • Michael Kors lining inside the bag


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