Friday, 14 March 2014

One of my past hobbies when I was little was to collect coins with different designs on and everytime a new coin was made with a different design my Grandad use to save them and give me and brothers and sister one each to keep. I lost my Granadad a few years ago however by seeing new coins with new designs on always reminds me of him and I think that is why I still collect them now.

Anyway, for a while now i have been searching for something to put my collection in and came across some collecting books that The Royal Mint have created for their Great British Coin Hunt series. They have created four coin collecting books in the series for £2, £1, 50p and 50p Olympic British coins.

I really love how simple the books have been designed to look and they seem to be made out of very sturdy card material. Also there are even slots for coins that are going to be made later in 2014 and 2015. The only let down for the albums is the completer medallions because there is a space for one in every album however they all have the same design and size. If there wasn't a hole for the completer medallion, I don't think I would of brought it as there is nothing really that special about it.

Overall I think these collector albums are great for coin collectors who are looking for something to organise there collection in and they are a good way in seeing which coins are missing in your collection. I also think these are great for kids who want to start collecting coins because inside the books there are really interesting facts about the coins and which coins will be harder to find than others. I also think they are very cleverly price at only £5 each and to me they look a lot more expensive than they actually are and the postage cost does not work out to bad if you are ordering more than one

UK £2 Coin Collector Album (Link)

UK £1 Coin Collector Album (Link)

UK 50p Coin Collector Album (Link)
UK 50p Olympic Coin Collector Album (Link)

Happy Coin Hunting
Anna x

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