Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Review: Collonil Classic Leather Gel

Recently I have been looking into buying a leather product to use on my new handbag and I came across this one by Collonil called leather gel. The reason why I brought this was because every handbag I seem to have always seem to get jean transfer on the back of it. However since investing in a more expensive and first leather handbag I didn't want jean transfer to happen again. So I did my research and I found this product by Collonil. This product is mainly used for water proofing your leather items and stops water marks being left on your handbags so I hope it this will also stop some jean transfer happening.
I know Marc Jacobs don't recommend that you use any products on your handbag and you should leave your handbag completely naked however I felt I couldn't risk it. The leather Marc Jacobs uses on his handbags is very similar to Mulberry's handbags and Mulberry recommends Collonil products to use on their handbags.
About the product
As some of the online reviews state a little of this product does really does go along way. This product can also bring your dull leather products back to life. Before using this product make sure you test a small amount of the product somewhere hidden on your handbag to make sure it won't change the colour on your handbag. I tested it on the back of my handbag strap. 
 The way I used the product on my handbag was I used a Collonil cloth and dipped the cloth into a bit of the gel and rubbed it onto my handbag and left to dry.
What else I used the product on
I also used this on my work shoes to make then waterproof and used on our leather sofa. After adopting Rosie the cat we didn't realise how much damage her claws can do especially to the leather sofa.
How I used it on the sofa
1.      Wipe down the area with a damp cloth
2.      Dry
3.      Rub in Gel

Even though the gel didn't get rid of the damage marks on the sofa it did reduce the look of them.
I will keep use updated how on whether or not it did stop jean transfer or not.


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