Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Handbag Unboxing Reveal: Marc by Marc Jacobs lil Ukita

After a long hard decision between buying a Mulberry or Marc Jacobs handbag I decide my heart had fallen in love with a handbag from Marc Jacobs. To be honest this handbag only came on my radar a while back when I started saving for the Mullberry Effie Satchel handbag  which I fell in love with last year however deep down I couldn't justify spending nearly £650 on a handbag so I started a handbag fund. For a while, I kept my eye out for a second hand one on eBay however none of them made me want to bid on them. In the end I decide on the lil Ukita designed by Marc Jacobs over the Mulberry Effie Satchel because for me the lil Ukita is a bigger bag and I felt the inside and outside of this handbag was more suited to me than the Mulberry one. However I am not saying that I would never buy a Mulberry because at some point I know I will.

Unboxing Time!

I ordered it online from Harvey Nichols store in the UK because not many online store stocked the colour that I wanted to buy it in and just my luck on their website they were having a summer event with 25% off 2014 fashion and accessorize which included the handbag that I was eyeing up.

For me, I am kind of a handbag collector where if I spend a lot of money on something I am so scared to ever use it and I think  this is one of the reasons why I would never get my money worth when buying a Mulberry handbag. However I am going to make myself use this handbag all the time so it will be a well worth buy! I just fallen for this handbag, I absolutely love it.