Thursday, 17 July 2014

Review: Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure (Nintendo 3DS)

Another game that I have recently completed and would like to share with you all is this game called Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure for Nintendo 3DS. I brought this game a month ago for around £4.99 from Argos and to be honest the first thing that came to me is, it must be an awful game because it is so cheap. However in this case don't judge a game by its price because I found this game to be a little gem. Most reviews say this game is like Professor Layton meets rhythm with lots rhythm theme mini games that you have to complete. 
I have to say that some of the levels at the beginning of the game are really easy however to say that this is a 12 plus I found some of the levels quite hard towards the end however this game got very addictive trying to completed them so you can go onto the next step. I think that the characters and story line is well thought out however the only downside to the game is that the overall story doesn't come to a finish and is sort of left in midair and to be honest the game is quite short. So I would love to see a sequel to the game and for the price it's definitely worth it for the game as a whole.

Plot line: the plot line is based around a boy who is called Rapheal but he has a secret identity called Phanton R who is looking his father all set in the scene of Paris. While on the search he comes across a girl called Marie who is looking for her mother so they both set out on the journey together.


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