Friday, 4 July 2014

Payday Treat: Mini Lush Haul

This month I decided I would treat myself with a little trip to my favorite shop at the moment Lush. I love this shop its full of amazing products to treat yourself with and  best of all this company is against animal testing!
Creamy Candy:
Lush Creamy Candy
I love this bubble bar, it can do around two baths and I just love the scent of vanilla with almond oil mixed together. It makes you smell so nice and leaves your skin really soft and I think it is a really nice affordable treat for yourself or for someone else.

The Comforter:
Lush The Comforter
If you never tried anything from Lush this is the product that I would recommend that you try first, I know this is one of Lush most expensive bubble bars but it is so worth it. You get around five to six baths out of it depending on how sparingly you use it. It has a blackcurrant like scent to it and when crumbled into the bath it turns the water pink colour.  Again this smells amazing and I and it is one of the products I find myself always going back to.

Lush Twilight
This bath bomb smells incredible even if you leave it unwrapped on your desk it makes your whole room smell so nice. The only let down for me about this bath was that it contained glitter and it made not only the bath glittery but you as well. However I really did love the colours it created in the bath. 



  1. I looooove Creamy Candy so so much! xx

  2. i love the comforter! it's my favourite

    from helen at

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