Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review: Fairy Dust Lily Flame Candle

If Disney ever designed a candle it would properly look a lot like this one made by the company Lily-Flame called Fairy Dust, even the four wax chunks sticking out the candle makes it look a bit like a castle. I just love how the pink and white together makes it so princess looking.
I recently discovered this brand of candle when I popped into John Lewis the other day and the best bit is that the candles are made in United Kingdom! I think this candle would make a perfect gift for anyone who looking a small affordable candle and comes in beautiful presentation tin.
This candle smell wonderful as the company claims the smell is "So strong you don’t even need to light it; just leave the lid offand as soon as you take the lid of you can smell it, it smells amazing. The smells reminds me of baby power and its kind of a sweet smell but not so over powering, these candles burn for up to 35 hours. I will definitely be looking into other candles in Lily-Flame range.



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