Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rosie's Cat Toy Haul

Every month I find myself buying Rosie more and more toys to play with and this month was no different! So instead of doing your normal haul post, I decided it would be a nice thing to show you what I brought for Rosie and let her show you what she thought of the toys(through photos). I end up buying her Ancol Acticat Plastic Playground, AncolFluffy Dangler Wand and Yeowww Banana.
The reason I went for the Ancol Acticat Plastic Playground for her was because she has a thing about balls that make a sound when they move and she plays football with them around the room so I thought this would be perfect for her. When I first looked into this product I think it was mostly aimed at kittens but for the price I decided to give it a try. The toy has two balls, one on top fastened to a spring and one that rolls around on the bottom when the cat touches it. This toy is perfect for cats to play with on their own especially if you have to leave them for a bit. To be honest Rosie didn't really think much of this toy and I had to tempt her to play with it however she did get the hang of rolling the ball around on the base on her own.
The second toy I got for her was Ancol Fluffy Dangler Wand mainly to stop my fingers getting hurt all the time when she wants to play and this toy is perfect for the job. Rosie love catching the long fluffy feather on the end and rolling around with it on the floor, I think this toy was a hit.
The third toy that I brought her was Yeowww Banana, when we first got her I brought her the Yeowww Fish and she absolutely loved it however since time has passed I think the smell has worn of it so doesn't tend to play with it that much anymore. Because both toys are full of catnip she loves then to pieces, so soon as I got the Banana out of the bag she was rolling around on the floor playing with it. If anyone was thinking about getting something for their cat to play with I would have to say try something from the brand Yeowww because Rosie seems to love their toys. Out of the three toys this is the one she loves the most and has spent the most time playing with.