Saturday, 10 May 2014

Handbag Ramble: Designer Or Inspired Handbags?

Designer Or Inspired Handbags?

Recently, I been thinking about buying a designer handbag however there are doubts in my mind whether or not a designer handbag is really worth the money, when there are so many inspired handbags around for a fraction of the cost. Because I'm the sort of person that changes my handbag on regular basics so will one designer handbag ever be enough? Also the idea that instead of buying just one designer bag you can buy a lot more different inspired handbags for the price of one, however will the designer handbag last longer?

At the moment I think the high street shops do amazing inspired designer handbags such as Mango and Accessorize which do really great affordable inspired handbags for the fraction of the price of a designer handbag.  Hmm but which is better? 


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